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Quick access to expert advice for people collecting trust deed payments or considering creating a private trust deed note.


Benefits of Selling a Trust Deed

Every person considering the sale of their trust deed note has a unique set of reasons motivating them. Trust deed holders who want to sell their investment achieve some important benefits, including eliminating the risk of foreclosure, eliminating the need to service the trust deed and eliminating having your funds tied up in a long-term investment. Selling your trust deed will convert the uncertain stream of future payments into an immediate source of cash while eliminating all future financial risk from the investment.

Private Financing 101

Facts About Selling a Trust Deed Note
Important information to know before trying to sell your trust deed note investment. Learn more >>

Protect Your Trust Deed Note Investment
You've sold your property with owner financing and now own a trust deed note. Follow the advice of experienced professionals to learn how to protect the value of your trust deed note and avoid costly mistakes while servicing it. Learn more >>

Benefits of Owner Financing
Owner financing has become a common way to sell property all over the country. Offering to finance the purchase of your property can help you sell it more quickly, may provide tax benefits and will give you a nice source of monthly income. Learn more >>

Creating a Quality Trust Deed Note
When using owner financing to help sell your property, creating a high quality trust deed note is of primary importance. We explain the important steps to take. Learn more >>

HUD Glossary
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's glossary of promissory note terms.

Dodd-Frank Law
Dodd-Frank Law concerning mortgage originations.

Mortgage Security Documents by State
State by state mortgage documents.

Promissory Note Documents by State
State by state promissory note documents.

Free Trust Deed Note Services

As specialists in the private trust deed note industry, The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. strives to provide trust deed note holders with an unmatched level of service. We make these complimentary services available to you without cost because it is the best way that we know to provide value-added service for every trust deed note holder who comes in contact with our company.

Amortization Schedule — This schedule breaks down each monthly payment into its principal and interest components. The schedule will provide you with the current trust deed balance at any point in time and tell you the total principal and interest payments made for the year. If you would like to receive a complimentary amortization schedule call our office at (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer.

Credit Application — If you are using owner financing to help sell your property this document will assist you in gathering much of the information needed to evaluate the credit worthiness of the Purchaser. Requiring the Purchaser to provide this information may prevent you from financing a poor credit risk and will provide extremely valuable information should you ever decide to sell the trust deed. To receive a free credit application call our office at (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer.

Information Keeper — This valuable document organizes the important information that will help you protect the value of your investment while collecting payments on your trust deed. You can get your own copy of the Information Keeper by calling our office at (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer.

Payment Record Keeper — This simple to use document will help you maintain an accurate record of when you receive each of your monthly trust deed payments. Maintaining an accurate payment record will be extremely valuable in helping prevent any misunderstandings regarding the current status of the trust deed. It will also help you receive the highest cash price for your trust deed should you ever decide to sell it. Contact our office at (800) 618-2485 or email The Mortgage Buyer to request a copy of the payment record keeper, which will be sent to you by mail.

Online Services

Need the Advice of an Attorney? If you have questions about your trust deed note or foreclosure, the American Bar Association's public resources offers a database of attorney's and law firms in the same state the property is located. Or you may want to check out their helpful Consumer's Guide to get legal help on the Internet.

County Clerks — mortgages, trust deed notes, deed of trusts, and other real estate secured notes are recorded in the County Offices where the property is located. So if you need copies, contact the appropriate County Office. To find information about the County Office where your trust deed note document is recorded, we suggest you go to your favorite search engine and conduct a web search: "State of _________" for the state where the property is located. Once on the state's web site, you should find a county listing. We spend a great deal of our time with the New York State County Clerks. If you have trouble, feel free to call our office toll free at 800-618-2485 and we'd be happy to help you.

Better Business Bureau is a handy resource for smart consumers. You can check a company's BBB report, and access the BBB's valuable consumer tips, especially those about money.

US Chamber of Commerce offers online help to quickly connect you with state and local Chambers — powerful resources for community information.

AARP offers valuable answers and advice on a variety of life's issues, especially regarding money matters, including: financial planning advice, financial calculators, self-help legal guides and advice on finding and selecting the right attorney.